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Help for every challenge

According to studies, only a fifth of all students in need of support reach out for help. Annie identifies and helps to resolve students’ individual support needs during critical transitional points on their education path. Annie lowers the threshold for asking help by offering students support efficiently and quickly.

Support throughout studies

Challenges at the start of studies

At the beginning of their studies, many students face challenges that require support. The statistics show a large number of dropouts during the first semester. According to Annie’s data, 20-25% of students require some form of help, with the most common issues being study planning and learning struggles. Annie is aware of the difficulties newcomers may have and makes sure to assess their needs, offers them help and checks that the needs are met.

Support during a workplace learning period

During a workplace learning period, students are located in different areas, making it hard for staff to respond to their support needs quickly. According to Annie’s data, 14–⁠19% of students need help during their workplace learning period, for example with motivation or work-related tasks and goals.  To help, Annie provides assistance to students in any location by directing them to the appropriate staff member, such as a guidance counsellor or a school psychologist. Annie ensures that no student is left to deal with their issues alone.



Support at the end of studies

The transition from school to work is a big step and can be stressful. Annie strives to create a supportive environment for students transitioning to the workforce or seeking for further education. Based on Annie’s data, 13–22% of students need support at the end of their studies. The most common needs concern job-search assistance (34%), finalizing coursework (31%) and guidance for further education (19%).

We are pleased to explain how Annie can assist the learners at your educational institution.